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Where can I park?

There is an outdoor car park in front of the entrance to the wellness area and a lower car park at the Sokolské koupaliště, where you can park for free. You can park your car in the indoor garage for 50 CZK /​ hour (500 CZK per day).

Do you accept payment via various benefit companies?

Yes, we accept the following: Focus Pass, Gift Pass, Bonus Pass or Flexi Pass, Unišek, Unišek +, Unišek + FKSP, Cadhoc, Edenred Multi, Edenred Sport & Culture, EdenredCompliments, Cafeteria BENEFITY, BENEFIT PLUS or Infinit gift vouchers.
To pay for wellness stays, you can use Benefity.cz, Pluxee, Benefit Plus accounts or the Infinit membership card. When booking, the client must have sufficient credit on IC. We no longer accept paper coupons.

We also accept Flexi Pass CARD, eBenefits card, or Edenred Benefits card.

Do you accept Multisport cards? What are the benefits?

At the Infinit Maximus branch, we accept a silver card, which grants you access to the wellness for 90 minutes, including the rental of linen, with an additional charge:
Wellness Mon – Fri 10:00 – 15:00 with a surcharge of CZK 325
Wellness Mon – Thu 15:00 – 22:00 with a surcharge of CZK 390
Wellness Fri from 15:00, Sat, Sun, holidays with a surcharge of CZK 520

The Multisport card can be used at the same time as membership cards

What is the Infinit card and what are its benefits?

Infinit Card is a credit card with which you get a discounted entrance fee. You can get the IK for free. The only condition for membership is a minimum deposit of 2 000 CZK. It takes only a few minutes to get the card, just fill in the basic information and the card will be yours. More information HERE.

When does the credit on Infinit card expire?

Basically never. 

Can I top up my Infinit card online?

Yes, you can do so in the Client zone. This zone will allow the owner of the Infinit card to look into his account, track movement, and also enable immediate top-​up of credit on his card. Another plus is the display of the card's barcode directly in the user's overview, which means that you will not have to carry the Infinit card with you, but it will be enough to log in to your account and then present the phone with the code to the reception.

I’ve never been, what do I take with me?

Towels and sheets are included in the entrance fee at reception. It is up to you if you wear your own slippers or bathrobe. If not, disposable slippers can be purchased for 50 CZK, bathrobe can be rented for 70 CZK.

You will need a swimsuit to visit the pools. Saunas are, on the other hand, a swimsuit-​free zone, you only need a sheet, which you can comfortably pack up when switching from the sauna or when moving in the Relax zones and bars.

Next, you need to make a deposit for the chip, which is 200 CZK. The deposit is refundable. Infinit card holders do not pay deposit.

Can the gift vouchers be prolonged?

Give us a call and we will see what can be done.

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes, it is possible to purchase a voucher for any service from our offer. You can buy them at the reception or from the comfort of your home on our e-​shop www.infinitdarky.cz.

Do I pay for the time spent in changing rooms?

No, you do not. The time we charge for begins when you enter the pool.

Do I need to make a reservation for wellness?

You do not, wellness doesn’t require a reservation. If you are interested in a massage or a private bath, reservation is necessary on the phone: +420 546 213 264.

Are lost and found items stored at reception?

Yes, we keep found losses for 14 days and then dispose of them due to capacity reasons.
For hygienic reasons, we do not store cosmetics, combs, underwear, etc.
If you have forgotten something in our center and want to find out if we have found the loss, please contact us.

Thermal pools

Is it neccesary to wear men’s swimwear, or can I have swim shorts?

You can have swim shorts, but they must be made of swimsuit fabric, not a regular one. 

I forgot my swimsuit at your center…

Call our reception and check if the swimsuit is found. If it is, it will be stored at the reception for 14 days for collection.

What are the pool temperatures?

The temperature of the swimming pools and whirlpools adapts to the current weather, so that bathing at high temperatures stays refreshing and at lower temperatures remains warming enough. The current water temperature can be found near the pools.

Do you offer entry limited to the pools?

No. You can always enjoy the thermal pools and the sauna world.

Sauna world

Someone took my towel by mistake. How do I proceed?

Unfortunately, that may happen because of the unified sheets and towels. You can get a new one at the reception  or at the bar. We recommend to unwrap the towel and place it near your drink or other personal stuff.

Can I go to the wellness without swimsuit?

You need to have swimsuit on in the pool. In the sauna, it is neccesary to take it off mostly due to hygienic reasons.  In the sauna, you can be either naked on a sheet, or wrapped in it. Outside of sauna, you have to be covered by the sheet.

If I spend more than 90/​120/​180 minutes in wellness, do I pay doubled entrance fee?

No, the time continues to count by each minute. Basically, if you will add 10 minutes more to your time in wellness, you will pay only the basic fee and then the additional 10 minutes.

Can children go to the sauna?

Wellness is for safety reasons designed only for adults and people over 145cm. Children under 15 (over 145 cm) must be under the constant supervision of a person over 18 years of age.

The sauna ceremonies are how often?

The schedule is HERE or on the screen right outside the ceremonial sauna or in indoor wellness.

Do you offer entrance to the sauna only?

No, it is not possible.

massages & baths

I am going for a massage for the first time. How does it work?

First make a reservation by phone or in person. Arrive for the massage 10 to 15 minutes earlier, this is needed for the time spent at a reception and for you to take a shower, store your valuables in a safe /​ locker, etc. Please take a shower before the massage, warm shower will help you relax your muscles. Then wrap yourself in a sheet, you can keep your underwear, but for your convenience, we recommend taking off completely - you do not have to worry, intimacy will be maintained in every situation. After that, you will receive a feet bath. Your masseur will pick you up and give you all the information regarding your procedure. The massage comes with a free glass of water, both before and after the massage.

Do you perform physiotherapy?

We do not offer physiotherapy, however, during our massages our trained massage team uses elements of physiotherapy and after consultation with you will be happy to focus on the problem you are experiencing.

How often is the water in private baths changed?

The water in our private baths is changed after every client, except for the private whirlpool where filtration and chlorination takes place.

Can I get an confirmation about my reservation via email?

If you wish, please give your email when ordering by phone and we will confirm your massage.

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