Sauna world

Opening hours:   Mon–Fri 10:00–22:00     Sat, Sun 9:00–22.00

By entering the sauna world you choose a relaxation in the beautiful surroundings of the Brno dam. Choose from twelve unique types of sauna. Every single one of them will dazzle you with their fragrance, design or temperature.

In the Sauna world you will find:

Herbal sauna

80–90 °C

This dry herbal sauna welcomes you with the aroma of herbal essences that are regularly renewed and have a soothing beneficial effect on body and soul. The sauna is decorated with brickwork and offers benches made of light-​coloured wood for seating. The finishing touches to the atmosphere in the cabin are provided by decoration in the form of dried herbs and a rustic pot full of herbs above the stove.

The Alchemist’s Cellar

85–95 °C

The Alchemist’s Cellar gives an aura of a hidden sauna room. The sauna is based on the principle of double heat from a sauna and a fireplace. Your time in the sauna is enriched by special essences. The brick ceiling is covered with alchemist symbols and transcriptions, and the finishing touches are provided by test tubes and flasks full of mysterious substances and elixirs.

Cave Sanctuary

80–90 °C

10–20 %

The Cave, which overlooks the cooling pond, will take you to the Stone Age. The spacious panoramic sauna has 80 to 90 °C and increased humidity. The authenticity of the cave is completed by cave paintings, a unique stalactite waterfall and a fireplace. Full experience is complemented by sounds of crackling fire, bird singing and running water.

Sauna on the lake

85–95 °C
quiet sauna

The Finnish sauna with panoramic view of the lake is ideal for relaxing on the edge of the forest. In the spacious sauna cabin made of light wood, you can enjoy a mix of forest essences and decorations in the form of  twigs, pine cones and fresh fragrant wood from the nearby forest.

Sauna Dome

80–95 °C

The most spacious outdoor sauna in the Sauna world, which is unique by the central location of the stove and the all-​day program in the form of sauna ceremonies. The humidity and temperature in the room may vary depending on the ceremonies. The capacity of the sauna dome is up to 80 people.

Vulcano sauna

100–110 °C
quiet sauna

undergoing reconstruction, opens during summer 2024

The Vulcano sauna offers relaxation in a completely dry and hot sauna cabin. Due to the high temperature and almost zero humidity, it is necessary to dry properly before entering the sauna and it is forbidden to pour water on the stove. Showers and an cooling pool are available right next to the sauna, and a relaxation swing is located near the sauna.

Citrus sauna

65–75 °C

50–55 %

Citrus sauna is a combination of classic Finnish and steam sauna. Due to its humidity and temperature, it is very popular with people suffering from breathing difficulties and for beginners. The sauna is complemented by citrus essences, inside the sauna there is a bucket of water for watering the stove.

Salt sauna

65–80 °C
quiet sauna

undergoing reconstruction, opens during summer 2024

The salt sauna offers a combination of dry sauna with hot air and unique salt properties. The walls made out of the Himalayan salt bricks are illuminated and the warm light is beneficial for human psyche. When staying in a salt sauna we also absorb minerals that have a very positive effect on the human body. It has a beneficial effect primarily on the airways, skin and positively affects the central nervous system.

Honey sauna

85–95 °C

20–30 %

Intense sweating occurs in the honey sauna thanks to the combination of automatic steam and high temperature. Staying in the sauna is made even more pleasant by honey essence. When creating the sauna, we were inspired by the shape of the honeycomb in the beehive to make the experience even fuller. The whole design of the sauna is then enhanced by illuminated "honey" honeycombs in the wall. There are showers and an ice pool for cooling off right next to the sauna.

Turkish steam cabin

40–45 °C

100 %

The Turkish steam bath contributes to muscle and joint regeneration, and provides relief from rheumatic problems. The cabin is enriched with citrus essence, which contributes to perfect relaxation and cleansing effect.

aromatic steam cabin

40–45 °C

100 %

The steam salt bath combines heat and natural essential oils.
The heat and humidity help relieve respiratory problems and the essential oils relax the mind. 

Cooling pond

0–20 °C

Natural bathing pond with clean, filtered water is used to cool the body after sauna. It is necessary to take a shower before entering the pond. The water temperature varies depending on the weather.

Cooling rooms

10–15 °C

To cool the body you can use the cooling pools, which are divided into men's and women's part or showers near the saunas. Common cooling pools can be found at the honey and volcano saunas.

Pool temperatures are kept between 10 and 15 ° Celsius.

Relax zones and fresh bars

For your relaxation there is an rest room with fireplace, deck chairs and sitting area or outdoor deck chairs in the middle of nature. To relax after the sauna, you can also use the quiet herbal room. Refreshments are available at the fresh bar with seating area, where we prepare fresh and healthy snacks every day.

Wine Cellar

35–45 °C

The temperature in this underground wine cellar adapts to the weather outside. On warm days, the temperature inside is around 30 °C, while on cold days it is around 45 °C. The wine cellar is illuminated by fireplace and adorned with wine decorations and a brick ceiling. Comfortable seating on rounded wooden benches ensures pleasant rest and relaxation.

Kneipp bath

Switching baths in cold and warm water improves blood circulation throughout the body, eliminates headaches and helps strengthen the body. For the best effects of the procedure, we recommend stepping in the hot water for 1 minute, then in the cold water for approximately 10 seconds.

Wellness is designed for adults and people over 145 cm. Children under 15 (over 145 cm) must be under the constant supervision of a person over 18 years of age.

SAUNa Ceremonies

Unusual experience

Sauna ceremonies are becoming more and more popular, but are relatively young. We would like to let you have a closer look at these procedures and give you tips on how to enjoy them best.

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