Sauna ceremonies

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Sauna ceremonies make traditional sauna an extraordinary experience. You will see a sauna performance that will give you an unforgetable experience and will warm your body even better.

What is a sauna ceremony?

It is a 10 to 15-​minute performance in the sauna. An experienced sauna master, accompanied by music, pours water on the stove to increase humidity and temperature in the sauna. Essential oils are used and are 100% natural and carefully selected according to the type of ceremony. In addition, the sauna master stirs the air with a towel to better warm up the body.

Is it beneficial?

By increasing the moisture and stirring the air, the body warms up more deeply, used essential oils stimulate nervous system and their inhalation has a number of positive effects. It is also a different experience than  "ordinary" sauna.

Basic information

Where and when does the ceremony take place?

In the Sauna dome in the outdoor sauna world according to schedule. The topics of the sauna ceremonies can always be found on the screen in front of the sauna and in the indoor sauna world.

How long doest it take?

10-​15 minutes

How to enjoy the ceremony corectly?

  • After the start of the ceremony, please do not enter the sauna to avoid disturbing others.
  • During the ceremony, you can leave the sauna at any time.
  • During the ceremony we usually warm up while sitting on a sheet or being wrapped in it.
  • Please be silent and do not disturb the ceremony. However, if the ceremony is created for communication, you can comunicate more.
  • After the ceremony it is necessary to visit the shower first and then cool off in the cooling pool or pond.

What are the types of our ceremonies?

We realize that some types of sauna ceremonies may not be for everyone, so you will always find the type after the name of the ceremony.

R – Relaxation - This kind of ceremony is for those who are looking for a quiet environment to relax. During the relaxation ceremonies, slow music plays, the light complements the intimate atmosphere and the sauna master uses a relaxing and soothing aroma. At these ceremonies you can enjoy undisturbed relaxation. Ice or honey scrubs may be used during these ceremonies.

E – Energy - A ceremony which is focused on amusement and relaxation in a slightly busier style. Can you imagine a rock band concert or the best epic music in the sauna? If not, come and see our energy ceremonies. Accompanied by fast music, light shows and invigorating essences, we will give you the right party-​like relaxation.

P – Storytelling ceremony - Ceremony that has many forms. It is often a “theater” performance in a sauna where a sauna master prepares and tells a story, whether fantasy or real, tells the audience jokes, opens topics for reflection and debate, or recites Shakespeare. Its charm lies in the experience or amusement of the audience rather than relaxing in the true sense of the word. The essence and intensity of the sauna matches the overall spirit of the ceremony.


Monday - thursday


• 10:30 • 11:30 • 12:30 • 13:30 • 14:30 • 15:30  • 16:00 • 16:30 • 17:00 • 17:30 • 18:00  


•  18:30  •  19:00   • 19:30  •  20:00  • 20:30 
•  21:00  •  21:30    

friday - sunday 


• 9:30* • 10:00* • 10:30 • 11:00 • 11:30
• 12:00 • 12:30 • 13:00 • 13:30 • 14:00
• 14:30 • 15:00 • 15:30  • 16:00 • 16:30 
• 17:00 • 17:30 • 18:00   

* only saturday and sunday


•  18:30  •  19:00   • 19:30  •  20:00  • 20:30 
•  21:00  •  21:30    

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