Sauna nights

Infinit Maximus

Let yourself be carried away by the Infinit Maximus wellness atmosphere with its rich sauna and pool program.

Every sauna night has a rich program in the form of sauna ceremonies in the Sauna Dome, directed by our experienced sauna masters. In the Sauna on the lake you can enjoy ceremonies with special peelings, which are tailored to the theme. You can also enjoy light snacks in the form of a buffet, welcome drink, water jugs at each bar and themed décor. Themes of sauna nights vary depending on the season and important holidays.

Sauna nights in 2023

sauna night back to the saunafest

28. 4. 2023

Come and enjoy a sauna night, which will transport you to the atmosphere of the most famous festival of adventurous sauna time in the Czech Republic.
You can relive the specially prepared sauna ceremonies that our sauna masters present at Saunafest 2023.


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