Sauna nights

Infinit Maximus

Let yourself be carried away by the Infinit Maximus wellness atmosphere with its rich sauna and pool program.

Every sauna night has a rich program in the form of sauna ceremonies in the Sauna Dome, directed by our experienced sauna masters. In the Sauna on the lake you can enjoy ceremonies with special peelings, which are tailored to the theme. You can also enjoy light snacks in the form of a buffet, welcome drink, water jugs at each bar and themed décor. Topics of sauna nights vary depending on the season and important holidays.

Terms of sauna nights in 2020:

Valentines sauna night 

14th of February

Tickets can be bought on e-​shop.

Witness (r)evolution of love in one emotionally charged evening. Whether you are a realist or a dreamer, you will experience a night full of romance, modern and old-​fashioned, literal and real, or wild and sensual.
You can look forward to flower-​tuned wellness, sauna ceremonies of all kinds and causes of love, an accompanying program and much more.

 SN includes:

  • Access to the wellness for 180 minutes (thermal pools and sauna world)
  • Outdoor swimming in pools and whirlpools under the starry sky
  • Welcome drink Rosé sparkling wine /​ soft drink Rosé sparkling wine
  • Decanters with water, fruit lemonade at all bars throughout the evening
  • Refreshments in the form of a buffet
  • Accompanying program in indoor wellness - quiz
  • Thematic sauna shows in the Sauna Dome
  • Sauna ceremonies with natural scrubs in Sauna on the lake: 
  • Sensual ylang in a luxurious recipe
  • Variation of woody tones in a romantic coat of roses                 and jasmine
  • Scrub with the scent of violets and tuberose
  • Themed decoration and sauna music
  • Renting of towels and sheets included in the price 
  • Possibility of changing 1 piece of linen for free
  • Entry possible from 22:35


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